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What Are the Different Types of Hand Sanitizer Dispensers?


Many people are interested in keeping their hands clean at all times, but it is not necessarily convenient since soap and water are not always accessible. It is for this reason that hand sanitizer has become popular, creating a need for various types of hand sanitizer dispensers. One of the most common kinds is the portable type, which typically comes in small squeeze bottles. Mid-size pumps are often ideal for the typical home or office, while larger automatic dispensers are often found on the walls of public restrooms, hospitals, doctors' offices, and stores.

One of the most convenient aspects of hand sanitizer is that it does not need water to work, which makes it ideal for carrying around. For this reason, small hand sanitizer dispensers are usually the perfect size for fitting in purses, car glove compartments, diaper bags, and even pockets. This type of dispenser is usually in the form of a squeeze bottle that dispenses hand disinfectant gel. Since the cap can also come off, it can be refilled with hand antiseptic from a larger container so that it is not necessary to constantly be purchasing several small bottles.

Another type of dispenser resembles the typical liquid soap container, as it is a plastic bottle with a pump on the top that dispenses liquid antiseptic. This kind of dispenser is ideal for use around the house, as well as in offices and schools, where hand washing or disinfecting is considered particularly important. Some hand sanitizer dispensers of this size can produce hand antiseptic as foam instead of gel or liquid, which typically means that less product is used. Some hand sanitizer dispensers are even automated so that people merely have to place their hands under the opening to get disinfectant that can help keep their hands germ-free.

Some businesses prefer to use large hand sanitizer dispensers that are attached to the wall, as they do not need to be refilled as often as smaller containers, and are nearly impossible to lose or steal, as well. This type is also often automated, so users do not even have to handle the touch-free dispenser, which many consumers appreciate. An automatic dispenser is especially ideal for public restrooms, as many people are hesitant to touch items that tend to have lots of germs on them, including soap dispensers. Of course, any place that is frequented by the public, such as hospitals and grocery stores, may benefit from large hand sanitizer dispensers, as well.

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