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Product Name : Foot pedal stainless steel dustbin H-40B
Item# : H-40B
Model : H-40B
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Description: Pedal Type Trash Can


Model :          H-40B


Color :   Stainless Steel


Name Hand open type trash can Type H-40B
Liter 40 L Bitmap
Net. Weight 6.2 KG
Gross Weight 7.7 KG
Product Measure 42.5 x 37.5 x 68  CM
Inner Measure N/A
Carton Measure 49 x 39 x 70  CM
Product Matericals Body Stainless Steel,Matted Finger print free finish
Cover ABS Flame-retardant plastic
Base ABS Flame-retardant plastic
Barrel PP plastic
Packge 1PC + 1Poly Bag + 1 Carton
Unite Price(FOB)   MOQ. One 40‘HQ570 PCS
Origin Taishan Guangdong, China
Features Firm and  Environmental Protection The product is made up with enough materials which environmental-protection,keeping away the pollution,firm and easy cleaning.
Airtight and keep away bad smell Good airtight, can be completely cut off from the barrel of garbage smell,keep your house clean fresh air, and bring you good-feeling comfortable kitchen and bathroom.
New shape Product is far different from the round&square traditional trash can. A half-round-oval structure is more fashion,and easier mix of home and more hight grader. more grades.
Wall mounted The function is different from the normal  type, this section can be hung on the wall barrel, suitable for narrow space, but also for desk display, can be used as wall paintings.

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