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Product Name : Body and Hair dryer
Item# : GDC-308B
Model :
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Description: Body and Hair Dryer


Item No :GDC-308B



1. Power supply: 110V/220-240V~50/60HZ;
2. Power capacity: 1000W;
3. One-time work period: less than or equal to 15 minutes;
4. Wind speed: 20m/s
5. Thermal air temperature: 40-65 degree
6. Temperature controller cut-out temperature: 105 degree
7. Protection against electric shock: 回
8. Waterproof grade: IPX4
9. Overall size: 600*205*110(mm)
10. Outside packing size: 490*440*490(mm)(quantity: 8 sets gross weight: 18 kg)



1. The dryer is easy to operate, it can be used and stopped promptly;
2. The heating part is separated from air outlet, so as to avoid burning the skin and hair;
3. It is reliable and stable to be control by simple chip microcomputer, the fixed cycle operation is set for 18 minutes, to ensure the operation safe and energy-saving;
4. Touch five-shift setting is applied to regulate the temperature at random;
5. The operation time and temperature can be indicted instantly on the basis of its thermostatic, as well as its LCD indicator of temperature and operation time.
6. It is suitable for the sanitary rooms in star guesthouses, luxury hotels, sauna rooms and families.



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