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Product Name : Body and Hair dryer
Item# : GDC-304B
Model :
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Description: Body and Hair Dryer


Item No  :GDC-304B



1. Power supply: 110V/220-240V~50/60HZ;
2. Power capacity: 750W;
3. One-time work period: less than or equal to 15 minutes;
4. Wind speed: 12m/s
5. Thermal air temperature: 40-65 degree
6. Temperature controller cut-out temperature: 105 degree
7. Protection against electric shock:     回
8. Waterproof grade: IPX4
9. Overall size: 600*200*100(mm)
10. Outside packing size: 490*440*490(mm)(quantity: 8 sets gross weight: 22.5 kg)



1. The dryer is easy to operate, it can be used and stopped promptly;
2. The heating part is separated from air outlet, so as to avoid burning the skin and hair;
3. It is reliable and stable to be control by simple chip microcomputer, the fixed cycle operation is set for 18 minutes, to ensure the operation safe and energy-saving;
4. Knob-regulated, free-conditioning;
5. It is suitable for the sanitary rooms in star guesthouses, luxury hotels, sauna rooms and families.



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